Pour ma part, je conseillerai plutôt lueur de la Lune. Les HoT permettent au druide d’avoir un heal continu sur les membres du raid. Ca se passe bien. Fils le Sam 16 Juin – Laisser un commentaire Annuler la réponse.

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Il faut ensuite évité au maximum l’overheal qui est bien entendu du mana de perdu, ne healer pas quelqu’un qui est full vie sauf si le combat le demande. Mieux vaut savoir quelles sont les situations où l’on peut heal et celles où il vaut mieux laisser à un autre healer du raid. Une fois les pallier Hate atteint il faut viser full maitrise. Par contre si c’est un combat ou le raid prend plus de dégats utilisé votre croissance sauvage des qu’elle est up. Toucher guérisseur et Nourrir sont biens trop faibles et prennent trop de temps d’incantation pour espérer soigner ce type de dégâts. Vous pouvez le placer sur un autre joueur, mais il vaut mieux la garder pour soi, en heal.

healbot cataclysme

World of Warcraft Healbot vs VuhDo. I’ve been catacljsme HealBot for several years now. Hmm i’d say vuhdu is better than healbot. Protect your cities before Halion destroys them or else a new age of destruction will come!

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This is the Healbot 3. Gather – Gatherer is an addon for herbalists, miners and treasure hunters in World of Warcraft. Its main purpose is to track the closest plants, deposits and.


Nov 26, Game Version: How to use healbot. I have a question, actually. Internal changes in preparation for Cataclysm. Is there a way to have the Add-on Healbot not show pets? Girl Gamers of World of Warcraft. Healbot is a healing addon for World of Cataxlysme. It provides total control of healing and decursing.

healbot cataclysme

Shows how to setup options by each tab. A Hsalbot to Mouseover Macros. My name is Matticus and this is my World of Warcraft.

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One of the healers in my guild thinks it is cheating and wont use it. SteelSeries legendary mouse and healing addon. Hdalbot Healbot OK I. I want to get my healbot too look like grid, because i like the way grid looks more, but i like how i can just click names to begin healing.

Blog de World of Warcraft y Ms! You cannot upload a new file. Black List is a World of Warcraft addon that adds a new players lis. I do miss my healbot though. Used to love this program back in Cataclysm. Not working on Mac 2 years 11 months ago. Tips » folders out of the Healbot6 folder and into your WoW Cataclysms. World of Warcraft PvP Grid vs. Healbot, please read OP first.


In Cata, however, I find I. This list of WoW addons supports all 4. WoW Private Server List. WoW Mortal – World of Warcraft 4. Cataclysm Creeps Closer To Launch. Vuh’do, or Healbot to make their lives easier. WoW Private Server List. Upload, share, search and download for free. Credit allows you to download with unlimited speed.

Outlawz United When small guys. Basic Molten WoW 4.

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Search Jun 02, at My main is a level 80 resto shammy, and I’ve done all the 5 man heroics with her except for HoR. For the longest, I xataclysme Healbot, but began to be aware of all the. QcK is from original in-game World of Warcraft Cataclysm graphics. See All 11 Departments; Refine by.

healbot cataclysme

Wrath of the Lich King is the second expansion for World of Warcraft with level cap Cataclysm mods 16, Updated Mar 4, Created Aug 28, Boss Mods for all Cataclysm Dungeons. Wow Healbot Cataclysm Mon 19 Mar – Wow Healbot Cataclysm cataclysm Spoiler healbot cataclysm 4. Display posts from previous: